Class Schedule


We stopped having classes in the dojang on March 13th because of the current pandemic.

But all is not lost, you can still train with us. Learn Tang Soo Do by joining our remote classes! > START HERE



Tuesdays: 6-7 pm (Advanced)

Wednesdays: 6-7 pm (All welcome)

Thursdays: 6-7 pm (Advanced)

Fridays: 6-7 pm (All welcome)



Sundays: 11 am-12 pm (all welcome)

On Sundays we have socially distanced practice at Franklin Miles park on Camino Carlos Rey. We take the necessary precautions: i.e., there is no physical contact, and we spread out twenty feet apart.

Gup test
Young white belts, one-step sparring

To join our remote classes, START HERE.

Bong Hyung E Boo
Young Tang Soo Do students
Brick breaking at Cho Dan test

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That brick was toast when this Cho Dan Bo walked up to it!