What Is Tang Soo Do?


Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art that has long historical roots extending as far back as 2000 years ago.


Tang refers to the T'ang Dynasty of China and, by extension, the shared cultural background between China and Korea (617-907 AD). Soo means "hand" in Korean, but implies fist, punch, strike, defense. Do means "way of life" or "art".


Practicing traditional martial arts combines fighting technique with artistry. The athletic or martial aspect is embellished with a stylized delivery. Thus a long and deep stance, though cumbersome and impractical in combat, conveys stability and balance during the execution of a hyung (a form, or choreographed set of steps).


While observing the traditional values of respect, discipline, self-control and etiquette, our ultimate goal is self-improvement -- physical and mental.


About Our "Dojang" or School


Our focus is on the training and development of both our physical and mental aspects.


We work with exercises that build strength, speed, confidence, agility, endurance and concentration. The balance of these traits is different for every student, so our class focuses on the individual's expansion and improvement within the martial arts context.

Our classes consist of free sparring, practicing basic techniques, traditional hyungs (forms), and self-defense techniques -- both empty-hand and with the long staff.


And as our classes are on the small side (12 to 15 students at one time), we maintain a high level of individual instruction and attention...




Tang Soo Do of Santa Fe is an affiliate member of the International Martial Arts Association, an international Tang So Do organization with schools in seven countries.

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